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Enchanting firefly walk

Enchanting evening walk, nature and deceleration

Quick Details

Meeting point: Around Wiesbaden, accessible by car and bus line: We will send out detailed information a few days before the tour.

Included in the tour fee: Themed tour

The minimum number of participants is 4.

Additional dates, group appointments or corporate events are available on request.

Please note that there is a handling fee for processing your booking and printing your ticket immediately as print@home.

Children 6-12 years

About the tour

Around St. John’s Day, we take you on an enchanting evening walk with light-filled moments – a wonderful way to slow down after a busy day.

In June, you can spot them particularly well at dusk on the edges of the forest, between the bushes or in tall grass – the fireflies.

Small, glowing dots that dance around you and are also called St. John’s worms. On our way into the night of the fireflies, we dive into the twilight of the meadows and the forest.

There we learn more about the flying lights, their life, where they come from and what they are all about. These are very special moments when we watch the moving points of light for longer and silently – we are surrounded by little fairy clouds!