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E-bike Tours

We offer a range of guided e-bike tours in various regions in the Rhine-Main area. The participant price includes

  • the e-bike rental
  • the delivery and pick-up as well as
  • coaching and guided tour

included. We offer a reduced tour price for participants with their own e-bike.

Our e-bike tours take place for groups of 4 or more. We are happy to organise individual group dates on request.

Here you can see which tours are booked the most. A little further down you have the option to select your region where you would like to do your e-bike tour.

Our regional e-bike theme tours are a combination of cycling, discovering and experiencing the immediate region. Let a fresh breeze blow around your nose, enjoy fantastic wide views, cycle through sparse forests, lush meadows, between the vines – and discover and experience the incredibly historically significant Rhine-Main region at the same time – this is what you experience with our tours.

We not only accompany you on individually compiled, particularly charming cycle routes through our region – we take you on a short guided tour:

  • to exciting and unusual topics
  • the history, the culture, the nature of our region
  • to unusual, interesting, curious and exciting things right on your doorstep
  • to great sights and small discoveries

And answer questions such as: who wrote the first regional description of the Rheingau? What really makes Riesling so famous? Who wrote the only note about Gutenberg’s death? Where can you find the only surviving witness to early technology for loading and unloading ships? Which Rheingau castle did Napoleon give to his marshal Franz Christoph Kellermann?

All tours and topics are like a good dish: an individually compiled recipe with excellent ingredients from specialist literature, archive research, support from experts, cooperations, special sources of information and much more. Inspiring and entertaining, stimulating and worth telling!

A selection of our e-bike tours from March 2024

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Individual tours by arrangement – with your own bike or our e-bikes

Parallel to our fixed dates, we also offer individual bike tours, where we guide and accompany you along a pre-arranged route, optionally with content-related reference and lecture. We provide you with the e-bikes for this purpose, regardless of the start and destination of the route. Please bring a helmet and sturdy shoes for the e-bike tours.