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E-Bike-Tour to moors, Roman Past and healing springs

Hidden moors and springs, historic and wooded

Quick Details

Meeting point: 65307 Bad Schwalbach, Parkstraße 11

Included in the tour fee: E-bike rental, coaching, delivery, pick-up and themed tour

The minimum number of participants is 4.

Additional dates, group appointments or corporate events are available on request.

Please note that there is a handling fee for processing your booking and printing your ticket immediately as print@home.

Persons with own E-Bike

About the E-Bike-Tour

Bad Schwalbach in the western Hintertaunus is situated in a scenic, wooded area in the left side valley of the Aar, through which the Nesselbach flows. The state spa shone for more than 300 years as one of Germany’s excellent spas and even for a full century as a first-class luxury spa.

The earliest mention of Langinswalbach dates back to 1352. According to a legend from the 19th century, Bad Schwalbach and its healing springs were created by a sorceress.

The town is one of the oldest Hessian state spas. The good-tasting water from the wine fountain was even shipped throughout Europe in barrels and jugs. The steel fountain with carbonated spring water and the moor allowed indications with which women’s ailments, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism and much more were treated.

Particularly special for Bad Schwalbach are the mild, oxygen-rich mountain air and the temperate stimulating climate – both remedies for spa guests. How could it be otherwise, Goethe also expressed his interest in this “Gebirg” and its “curiosities” after he received the paper “Die Heilquellen im Taunus” from Geheimrat Isaak von Gerning, a very good acquaintance since 1793.

We are on the trail of the town’s Roman past, its glorious spa days and cycle through its charming, wooded surrounding countryside to tranquil and relaxing spots in the Taunus landscape. Discover a town and its surroundings that was a first-class luxury spa for a full century!