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With the pomologist - hiking where the sap grows

About the origin of the apple, its cultivation and how fruit species and varieties develop

Quick Details

Meeting point: 65207 Wiesbaden-Breckenheim, bus stop Erlenstraße, bus No. 23

NOTICE: For the end of the tour please drive to the following address (10min. drive): 65207 Wiesbaden-Medenbach, Engels Hofreite, In der Hofreite 21a. From there you can get back to Wiesbaden with bus line 21:

Included in the tour fee: Guided tour of the pomologist, wine press museum and cider cellar visit, apple juice and cider tasting as well as regional vespers

The minimum number of participants is 4.

Additional dates, group appointments or corporate events are available on request.

Please note that there is a handling fee for processing your booking and printing your ticket immediately as print@home.

Children and adolescents 6-18 years

About the excursion

Our round tour takes you into our native history of the apple to the surrounding orchard meadows of Wiesbaden’s villages.

Learn exciting and interesting facts about our cultural landscape and its regional apple varieties such as: Kloppenheimer Streifling, Anhalter, Kaiser Wilhelm, Korbiniansapfel, Bittenfelder Sämling. Along the way, we are actively out and about in nature and taste the true vitamin bombs as fruit and in processed form.

You will get answers to questions such as: why are certain apple varieties particularly well tolerated by allergy sufferers? Is regionally produced apple juice really from the region and how healthy is it? You can also experience the fragrant representatives as fruit and in processed form.

At the end of the excursion, we visit the old wine press museum and the apple wine cellar and are rewarded by a typical apple wine tasting with regional snacks.

Would you rather go on an apple excursion on an e-bike?


Once upon a time, cultivated fruit came to our region with the Romans. Fruit varieties are a living cultural heritage, they vary from region to region. Hessen’s cultural history is closely interwoven with the history of apple growing.

A tour of old and local apple varieties that introduces us to the science of species and varieties of fruit – pomology – right on our doorstep. And by the way, we combine tasting the true vitamin bombs with active exercise in nature.

Pomum from Latin stands for tree fruit – Pomona is called the goddess of garden fruit. Pomology stands for the study of the species and varieties of fruit, how to expertly identify and systematically classify them. Pomologists deal with the great diversity of varieties, which differ in their aromas, sugars, juice content, time of ripening and possible uses. They advocate the preservation of old varieties and thus diversity in fruit growing.

Many varieties described in literature from the 18th and 19th centuries are no longer known today or are considered lost. Many interesting fruit varieties were described in the 19th century. Fortunately, in the east of Wiesbaden, the “Ländchen”, such varieties are being preserved in various projects.

With this tour we support: