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Secluded streams, graceful valleys and water-moving things

Quick Details

Meeting point: 65199 Wiesbaden, Frauensteiner Straße 109, Waldfriedhof stop.

Directions: Waldfriedhof bus stop: by car to Wiesbaden-Dotzheim to Waldfriedhof. Take bus No. 24 to the Rheinblick bus stop in Dotzheim and walk approx. 5 min to the Waldfriedhof bus stop. Or take bus No. 24 and 39 as well as bus No. 27 directly to the Waldfriedhof stop.

End point: Near the starting point, return option: with bus No. 23 back to the Dotzheim-Märchenland bus stop and 10 min. walk to the Waldfriedhof bus stop. Or take bus No. 23 directly to the Schwalbacher Straße/Luisenforum bus stop in Wiesbaden.

Included in the tour fee: Themed tour

The minimum number of participants is 4.

Additional dates, group appointments or corporate events are available on request.

Please note that there is a handling fee for processing your booking and printing your ticket immediately as print@home.

Children 6 to 12 years

About the tour

Almost never running dry, forest streams originating from the springs of the Taunus and just as many lowland streams can be discovered in and around Wiesbaden – via the waters of the spa town on a tour through idyllic valleys.

Almost innumerable small, large, short, long, shallow, bubbling, overgrown and free streams can be found in and around Wiesbaden – in addition to the charming Rhine and the famous hot springs, the city is surrounded by an impressive amount of water, interwoven with legends, significant history and exciting development to this day. Learn entertaining, legendary and interesting facts about the waters of the spa town on a stimulating stream hike through scenic valleys.

The cult-touren hike starts in Dotzheim at the Waldfriedhof, combines in this tour the acquaintance of 5 streams, graceful valleys, wide views of the Rhine and lets you experience and learn exciting and entertaining things about “Wiesbaden” water in addition to the nature around the corner.