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Merlin’s Return – The magic cave in the Niederwald

Romantic hike - in the footsteps of Arthurian legend - by boat and cable car

Quick Details

Meeting point: 65385 Rüdesheim, Rheinstraße 16, bridge 12, opposite Geschenkhaus Ehrenfels

From Rüdesheim we travel by boat to Assmannshausen and by cable car to the Hotel Jagdschloss Niederwald. The way back to Rüdesheim can be arranged individually.

Included in the tour fee: Themed tour, boat and gondola ticket

On request: the minimum number of participants is 4.

Additional dates, group dates or company events are available on request.

Please note that there is a handling fee for processing your booking and printing your ticket immediately as print@home.

Children 6-12 years

About the tour

For more than two centuries, an enigmatic place in Ostein’s park on the Niederwald kept a secret: the Magic Cave. What did Count Ostein intend with this unusual park building in his ornamental forest? Why is it called the Magic Cave? A myth right up to the recent past! On our tour, the great legend of King Arthur’s soothsayer and founder of the Order of the Knights of the Round Table comes to life again.

In 1790, Count Karl Maximilian von Ostein had the “Magic Cave” built in his park on the Niederwald, just one of his many attractions there. Inside, a magician with a wide cloak, pointed hat, magic wand and a band around his body covered with planetary signs awaited the visitor – a sculpture by the Mainz sculptor Sebastian Pfaff. Who was hiding behind this magician figure?

So immerse yourself in a world of legends that still occupies the human imagination today. On our guided tour, we will tell you the story of the origins of a great legend and thus show the Niederwald in a completely new light. Walk in the historical footsteps of a myth from the Middle Ages that lead as far as England and France. The view into the Rhine valley at the end of the tour will be breathtaking in any case.