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Self-guided: A forest hike into Romanticism

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Audio Walk on Rhine Romanticism

We are pleased that you want to experience the famous romantic Niederwald in the Rheingau, the Ostein`schen Park above Rüdesheim, and cordially invite you to a discovery tour by audio walk through an ornamental forest that is more than 250 years old.

Follow in the footsteps of Count Karl Maximilian von Ostein on our self-guided forest hike into romanticism to his passion for artificial sight lines and poetic views. You will be raving about the breathtaking views of the Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site for a long time to come.

How does it work?

You book the tour here on our website. With the booking confirmation you will receive the redemption code for our app. Then enter this code into the CULT-TOUREN :SOUNDS app and start your tour!

What does self-guided mean?

With CULT-TOUREN :SOUNDS and the ready-made smartphone routes in the app, you can travel on your own and discover new places in your region independently of appointments and other participants. You discover sights, interesting places, historical sites and much more on your own.

The self-guided tour works as an audio walk. The route can also be navigated offline and, just like our personally guided tours, you will learn interesting facts about selected topics, culture, history and our region – with audio files, texts to read and photos of the route with its sights.

Whether you are from our region or just here for a visit:

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“Surely you will one day visit the Rhine again, the garden of your fatherland, which replaces the home of the emigrant, where nature shows itself so kindly large.” Bettina von Arnim wrote to Goethe. Her brother Clemens Brentano wrote during his visit to the Niederwald in 1802: “…as we were on the Ostein, life was beautiful there.”

A whole forest just for pleasure? What a luxury. Ornamental forest, park forest, coppice forest; there are many names for this wonderful piece of nature, which is not surprising in view of this unusual mixture of rugged wildness and tamed nature. The walker should move into this forest like a painter. Magic Cave, Rossel or Hermitage are the names of some of the stops on this tour into Romanticism, which were already intended by the Count of Ostein as places to linger. What was true for the Count’s guests is still true for today’s visitors: you are invited by the landscape, as it were. Count Ostein also envisioned a leisurely stroll and enjoyment of nature. One literally floats above the World Heritage Site of the Middle Rhine Valley.

The two Mainz historians Dr. Franz Stephan Pelgen and Dr. Melville researched the activities of Count von Ostein, the park and its buildings in detail – learn on our guided tour what this romantic piece of nature is really about and what remains of it still exist today.

>> To the film of the forest romanticism <<


By train to Rüdesheim am Rhein and walk to the cable car station at Oberstraße 37, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein. Or by car to one of the car parks on the banks or in the town.