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Culinary Almond Blossom Hike

Enchanting vineyards, almond universe, culinary delights

Quick Details

Meeting point: 67146 Deidesheim, Mühltalstraße, Mühltal hiking car park.

Directions: A63 towards Alzey / A61 towards Worms, exit at Kreuz Ludwigshafen onto A650 towards Bad Dürkheim, exit 3 towards Friedelsheim. Continue on L527 through Friedelsheim to Deidesheim. In Deidesheim, continue onto Mühltalstraße, which you follow to the Mühltal hikers’ car park.

Included in the tour fee: themed tour and almond picnic

The minimum number of participants is 4.

Additional dates, group dates or company events are available on request.

Please note that there is a handling fee for processing your booking and printing your ticket immediately as print@home.

Children 6-12 years

About the hike with almond picnic

Anyone who takes a closer look at the almond is quickly fascinated by the rich cultural history, but also by the diversity of varieties and cultivars of the fruit tree. In addition, a general trend towards Mediterranean shrubs in gardens and the landscape has developed – and with it an interest in almond trees.

The cultural history of the almond begins very early and is manifold. Almonds are one of the oldest cultivated plants of all. Their origin, however, is lost in the haze of past times. From the Asian region they travelled with traders towards the West thousands of years ago.

On our almond hike we are on our way through Germany’s so-called “Garden of Paradise”, a landscape sheltered by the heights of the Palatinate Forest and bordered by the Rhine in the east. Like a flowering ribbon, the paths stretch along the heights through the vineyards – with fascinating views into pink blossom clouds.

One of the most beautiful harbingers of spring here is the almond blossom. Nature is awakened by the southern sun a good two weeks earlier than elsewhere. When no green dares to come out of the buds and there are only a few other blossoms, countless almond trees already enchant places and streets with their delicate pink blossoms that smell like spring flowers.

But not every tree that blossoms pink is an almond tree! Learn more about the almond tree and its cultural history on our tour: the origin of the almond, how to distinguish between sweet almonds, bitter almonds and peach almonds and where the almond is grown today in Germany and worldwide. There are exciting things to tell about the enjoyment value and the many uses of the almond – and one or two anecdotes are also included.

So many typical almond stories naturally make you curious – curious-hungry or hungry-curious? Let us surprise you in the earliest spring of the year with an almond culinary picnic on the tour: from savoury delicacies, sweet delicacies and other typical almond delights from the fruits of the almond tree!