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Discover Wiesbaden – experience sustainability – on request

Environmental education tour

Quick Details

Meeting point: 65195 Wiesbaden, Blücherstraße 66-68, Wiesbaden Youth Hostel

Age groups: from approx. 13 years

Dates: weekdays

Contact: 0163-4948005 or 0611-1716063 or by email to [email protected]

Please note that there is a handling fee for processing your booking and printing your ticket immediately as [email protected]

About the student tour

For school classes and pupils we conduct an environmental education tour with the following topics:

Renaturation in the city: We look at the interlinking of biotopes: the conversion of a floodplain into meadows and the creation of new green spaces along a path to form a small landscape park. This resulted in new gardens, the renaturation of a stream, green spaces with a rainwater retention basin and tree plantings. The new and attractive landscaping activates important landscape ecological functions, such as cold air runoff, which is important for the ventilation of Wiesbaden’s inner city. New landscape windows: we visit a square in the city centre of Wiesbaden that was completely sealed and densely built-up. Today, this square is an attractive recreation and experience site that provides living space for the residents. The highlight is an open stream whose water is brought to the surface by hydraulic pressure alone.

Clean air: The air situation in the state capital Wiesbaden is shaped by its geographical location. The city centre of Wiesbaden lies in a “basin”, framed by the Taunus ridge in the north, the Mosbacher Berg in the south and the Bierstädter Höhe in the east. Due to the artificial influences, there is a typical urban climate. Since 1988, the city’s environmental office has been using a measuring van to survey air quality and noise pollution at selected locations in the city and its outskirts. We have it explained to us in the mobile measuring van – how this works and we also take a look at the technology and methods.

Local heating island: this rather sober term hides a local pilot project. Wiesbaden’s thermal water is a geothermal energy source that is inexhaustible and significant. While in the past the water was mainly used for bathing, inhaling or drinking, today about 40 surrounding flats and buildings are heated with the extracted water from the primary springs.

Flexible content with sightseeing options:

  • Radstraße Goebenstraße
  • Shops and shops offering sustainable products: Umweltladen / Unverpackt / Oxfam / Repaircafe / Hofladen / Contigo


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